Sharing the Chocolate Magic

Barefoot Chocolatini specializes in all things cacao and chocolate and is here to provide an immersive and encompassing experience to shine a light on quality, purity and transparency of the cacao we grow, the chocolate we make and the delicious chocolate we taste and share with loved ones.

Our team supports cacao farmers from novice to mastery. We teach the best and most cutting edge in growing cacao from seed to tree and how to process it from bean to a delicious bar of chocolate.

Since we have the anomalous conditions and are lucky enough to
We are located on Big Island, Hawai’i, and our specialists are always available to assist you when it comes to any chocolate-related issues. Additionally, you can make questions or book our services by calling our telephone at +18086401283.


Celebrate with Chocolate!

Let us bring you the purest, rarest and most delicious chocolate!
Plus some entertainment and magical vibes. Tell us what your vision is below & we'll do our best to make it a reality.

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