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Bean to Bar Chocolate Farm Tour

  • On this tour, you’ll learn how cacao is cultivated, how to tell when it is ripe, and who pollinates it and how it’s made from bean-to-bar.
  • You’ll also taste seasonal fruit ripe from the tree and warm chocolate right out of the melanger.

  • Chocolate Bar Crawl

  • Visit local chocolate shops and see the intricate details of how craft chocolate is made using cacao beans grown here on the Big Island of Hawai’i.
  • Learn the inside scoop about where to purchase other locally grown and made chocolates in the markets.

  • Taste the Terroirs of Hawai’i

  • You will learn how to taste and smell cacao beans and craft chocolate like a sommelier.
  • You will taste and learn about different varieties of Hawaiian Chocolate and what makes each one so unique.

  • Get Dirty with Us!

  • Come out to the farm and participate during cacao post-harvest processing day!
  • See how the fermentation is started, learn the details in the science of it, witness how it the beans are then dried and ready to be roasted and turned into artisan craft bean-to-bar Hawaiian chocolate.
  • They may have been chocolate wasted when they wrote these…

    • Theresa

      This is a great learning experience and Maddy makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Dress for the weather for the best possible experience and Maddy does the rest.

    • Auky

      I have always had a wish to see cacao trees and try the fruit. That wish was abundantly fulfilled! The bonus was that Maddy was knowledgable about other plants as well and we got to open up pods, eat the fruit, sample chocolate in different stages. My partner was just going along for the ride and ended up really enjoying herself because Maddy made it great!

    • Theresa

      Die Tour auf der Farm war einzigartig. Maddy wusste so viel über die vielen verschiedenen Pflanzen, Früchte und natürlich jede Menge über Cacao. Es war fanzinierend so viel neues zu erfahren und zu lernen. Wir würden die Tour jedem wärmsten empfehlen. Man probiert und kostet viele neue verschiedene Pflanzen, Früchte. Das besondere Wow Erlebnis war definitiv als wir frische Cacao Bohnen gekostet haben. The tour on the farm was unique. Maddy knew so much about the many different plants, fruits and of course a lot about cocoa. It was fanzinating to learn so much new and to learn. We would recommend the tour to anyone warmest. You try and taste many new different plants, fruits. The special wow experience was definitely when we tasted fresh cacao beans.

    • George

      This is an amazing experience. Very fun, quite educational, and decidedly delicious. Maddy makes the tour very engaging. We had a terrific hands on experience which was one of the best things we’ve ever done via AirBnB experiences. No matter if you know a lot or a little about chocolate, this tour will teach you some amazing new aspects about chocolate. We highly recommend this adventure with Maddy.

    • Kate

      What a great experience! I was so excited about the chocolate tour when my husband and I decided to come to Hawaii, and Maddy outdid my (and my husband’s, he was a skeptic at first) expectations! Not only is she incredibly knowledgable about all things chocolate, from plant to candy bar, but she is a great, down-to-earth host, who made the experience very personal and hands on. I loved learning about the process of how the fresh chocolate (or cacao) beans go from a pod to what you buy at the grocery store, and being able to help out a little with that process. And the best part? There was a LOT of taste testing! We had such a fun, informative time and would highly recommend taking the tour, even if you are skeptical! 🙂 It’s worth it. Thanks Barefoot Chocolatini, for a great time!

    • Miho

      Maddy is very knowledgeable about the farm and chocolate. It was very fun to try different kinds of chocolate and see how chocolate is made!

    • Raya

      Not only was Maddie knowledgeable and fun while giving us a tour, she was also a genuinely kind person with a great personality. I can’t wait for her to make her dreams come true!

    • Katie

      Not only was Maddie knowledgeable and fun while giving us a tour, she was also a genuinely kind person with a great personality. I can’t wait for her to make her dreams come true!

    • Holly

      This tour was one of the highlights of our vacation on the Big Island. We learned so much about cacao and how chocolate is made. It was a memorable experience for our family of 4, including our 2 teenagers. Maddy was a great guide, very passionate and knowledgeable on the subject.

    • Irina

      Maddy was super informative and engaging! The farm was beautiful and it was really neat to try all the different plants, herbs, and cocoas growing in the area. Maddy was great at answering all of our questions and sharing her journey as a farmer and connoisseur. Definitely recommend this for chocolate lovers!

    • Ted

      Maddy was great – personable, knowledgeable, fun, and just a great tour guide. Her love of chocolate and this area really showed. Lovely experience.

    • Naomi & Eric

      This was a unique experience. If you are from Northern California, it was a little like a chocolate / farm tour at Harbin — in a good way. Informative on additional topics like eco farming and herb tasting in addition to chocolate tasting. Definitely NOT a corporate chocolate tour.

    • Aimee

      This was a once in a lifetime experience to tour a chocolate farm and learn all about the process chocolate takes from the cocoa fruit on the tree to the chocolate bar.

    • Zoee

      Maddy was so kind and so knowledgeable about the land and agriculture. She was open to answer any questions and allowed us to form our own thoughts on the different taste tests. On the tour we were able use all 5 of our senses. The only tip I have is make sure you wear sneakers and bring bug spray. She knew a lot about the Hawaiian culture and we were able to try an assortment of chocolates and fruits. It was the coolest tour we took on the island for sure! Maddy- you rock!

    • Wenbo

      我们在感恩节假期参加了Maddy的体验,玩的非常开心也学习到了很多巧克力和可可的相关知识。主人是一个有机农业的倡导者和践行者,她详尽地介绍了农场里的各种新奇的植物和农作物,解说非常生动而且有很多互动。她还展示了有机种植的仪器后和方法。体验的后半段,她展示了可可从果子到巧克力糖果的全过程,我觉得大开眼界,强烈推荐给其他对喜欢巧克力的朋友! We took part in the Maddy experience during the Thanksgiving holiday, and we were very happy to learn a lot about chocolate and cocoa. The owner is an advocate and practitioner of organic agriculture, she introduced the novels on the farm in detail. The plants and crops are very lively and interactive, and she also showed the methods and methods of organically grown instruments. In the second half of the experience, she showed the whole process of cocoa from fruit to chocolate candy, I think it’s an eye-opener. Strongly recommended to other friends who like chocolate!

    • David

      We had a very enjoyable and informative tour with Maddy. We really liked walking around the farm and then sitting down to see and taste the entire chocolate process, from bean to bar. It was great!

    • Ashley

      Very informative and knowledgeable about the various plants on the farm. Trying all the various cocoa beans was interesting and entertaining too. Appreciative of her time and individual attention she provides

    • Shelley

      This was an amazing tour with an exceptional host. Maddy took us on a farm tour and explained the entire process of making chocolate, from growing the pod to eating the bar! Also provided samples of beans from different farms and their own unique processes to help us understand how different they can be, even though they were coming from very similar environments. She is very sweet and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend this tour.

    • Doug

      Maddy did a great job teaching us about the plants on the farm. Very knowledgeable..especially about the process of making chocolate! The samples and tasting were awesome ! This is a five star experience!

    • Harriet

      We really enjoyed our tour. There were only two of us and Mandy so we were able to ask lots of questions and learned quite a bit. Our tasting was very similar to a wine tasting and we learned so much about cocoa!

    • Anna

      What a wonderful experience! I learned a lot, Maddy is truly a passioned teacher, into ‘cacao’ and an inspiration. I tasted flavors (and smells) that I never experienced before. It feels like a new world opened up to me. I will never look at chocolate in the same way again. I can only recommend this, also because of the location, an amazing permaculture farm and community.

    • Elizabeth

      Great tour! We had a great time walking around the multiple cacao trees and other fruit trees. Maddy is very knowledgeable and has a true passion for chocolate. We tasted different types of raw and roasted cacao beans as well as chocolate bars. Maddy was very kind and gifted us different fruits from the trees we were getting to know on the tour. It was great!

    • Mary

      Maddy is a lovely self-actualized person sharing what she loves with others. We enjoyed learning about tropical fruits and chocolate with her as a guide. We especially enjoyed tasting the chocolate. Happily, most of the chocolate vegan friendly so my daughter could enjoy it too.

    • Michelle

      Maddy was the perfect hostess. Very friendly and shared so much information about all the plants and fruits. Lots of samples to try and well worth the money. Oh and the chocolate was amazing.

    • Aaron

      Maddy is very knowledgeable about chocolate and the making process. The tasting is also really good!

    • David

      Only thing better than the education and passion for the process was the chocolate! Highly recommend

    • Sue

      Fun and interesting experience. Maddy is a wonderful teacher!

    • Kunihiko

      It was a good experience for my family especially for our daughters! Thanks, Maddy, for your great hospitality!

    • Elena

      It was very informative, fun, and yummy!

    • Karolina

      Maddy was an absolute wonderful guide and would highly recommend her Tours.

    • Carrie

      Very cool! Maddy was exceptionally well informed with a great sense of humor. Well worth our time.

    • Monica W.

      Maddy was awesome on our tour today, very knowledgeable and approachable. She gave us a lovely tour of the farm that encompassed a wide variety of unique (to us) tropical plants and did not limit our visit to just cacao trees. It was a multi-sensory experience where we were able to touch, smell and taste all steps of the chocolate-making process. I highly recommend this tour; it was quite fun and informative.

    • Jordan U.

      Through Barefoot Chocolatini’s tour and class, I’ve learned and tasted all stages of the chocolate process: from harvesting and fermenting the fruit’s beans, to drying it and grinding it up to make it more like the chocolate I’d grown up with. It’s seriously cool to know how many options there are to eat and recipes to have fun with eating cacao!

    • Bea L.

      In a short amount of time I was able to take in the process of how a cacao pod is transformed into a delicious bar of chocolate. Each step was represented and talked about by Maddy and the farm experts. I would highly recommend taking a cacao farm tour with The Barefoot Chocolatini. It is sure to make your day extra sweet!

    You had me at bean-to-bar!
    Maddy Smith, who recently started Barefoot Chocolatini, a chocolate tour business that brings visitors to local cacao farms, was already familiar with the chocolate-making process, but said she decided to attend the workshop to learn more about Hart’s method of roasting...

    “It’s a good way to connect new farmers with people who are doing it already, so they can learn from them,” Smith said. Down the road, she said, a chocolate co-op would be a good model for supplying cacao beans.

    In the Press

    ‘Really into cacao’: Workshop explores chocolate-making process, pod’s potential

    2.5 hours
    Bean To Bar Chocolate Farm Tour

    You will meet at the farm, engage in a casual meet and greet of all guests, and take a stroll through the tropical permaculture farm. This is an interactive tour where guests can share their knowledge about different plants they grow at home and your host, Maddy, will share about the tropical plants that are grown on site.

    You will pick fresh tropical fruits that are in season and conclude the tour with a fresh fruit tasting alongside cacao fruit, bean and chocolate tasting. You will learn all about the variety of terroirs that Big Island has and how cacao, coffee and wine are similar.

    2 hours
    Chocolate Bar Crawl

    You will visit two craft chocolate shops and get a behind the scenes tour as you learn from the professionals about flavor profiles, technique and machinery involved.

    You will also visit two local & natural grocers to find other Hawaiian chocolate brands and locally crafted gifts. This is the perfect tour for you if you love learning about the craft chocolate industry and locally made products!

    Hawai’i is becoming known as “THE NAPA VALLEY OF CHOCOLATE”



    Barefoot Chocolatini tours, tastings and gifts were created from the idea that Hawaiian chocolate is the rarest chocolate in the world and it’s time it gains the recognition it deserves! With high demand and low supply, multiple terroirs and exponential flavor profiles, Hawai’i is becoming known as “The Napa Valley of chocolate.”

    Our mission is to provide you with accurate, honest, transparent information, amazing gifts to bring home for loved ones, and unforgettable memories of chocolate aloha.

    Just like wine, coffee, olive oil, and honey, cacao and chocolate are sensitive to their growing conditions, their plant neighbors and the techniques used to draw out favorable flavors.

    Not only does each Hawaiian island offer different flavor profiles due to terroir, but fermentation techniques, drying protocols and roasting methods and lengths, all play a pivotal role in the taste of the final product. Each moku (district) on EACH island, offers a multitude of flavor profiles within each sub-terroir as well.

    When you come on a Barefoot Chocolatini tour, you will be sure to learn how to taste chocolate like a sommelier, identify which chocolate products include five star ingredients and please your senses in the process.

    Our expert guides are passionate about what they do and their goal is to make your tastebuds dance, quench your curiosity about the craft chocolate industry in Hawai’i so you can return home with a world class story to tell!


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    Everyone should grow their own Cacao!

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    Experience #3 | 12 Miles From Property
    Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Class

    Coming soon!

    We bring the cacao to your kitchen and teach you the shortcuts on how to make chocolate in the comfort of your own home! Great for those growing cacao and all other traveling chocoholics.


    3 hours
    Truffle Making Workshop

    The perfect experience for ladies’ night, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries or just because you love chocolate!

    You’ll make a classic chocolate ganache, hand roll the truffles, learn about tempering chocolate, and dip each one yourself. Local ingredients like macadamia nuts, dried pineapple and other specialty flavors available to sprinkle on top. You will go home with 6 truffles.

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